Outdoor Kitchens Raleigh...Where Do You Start?

Big Picture Questions:

How often will you grill?

If you plan on using the grill regularly (several times a week) and enjoy trying new recipes or cooking techniques, you’ll need a grill with enough features that can keep up with your grilling style. Basic grills may not have enough power or features to satisfy your grilling needs. Side burners, power burners and built in griddles are also a great addition to have near the grill. With a side burner, you can easily prepare sauces or side dishes while grilling and built-in griddles can add great versatility to your cooking. Kamado (ceramic egg) and EVO grills are getting very popular, but these specialty appliances usually require special planning.

How many guests do you typically entertain?

If you like to entertain, it would be best to consider a grill and other appliances that are large enough. This will allow you to cook enough food to feed a crowd, so you won’t have to spend all day grilling. While you may not need to plan for seating to accommodate¬†all of your guests, you need to consider how many seats you would like to have. Don’t forget to plan for adequate storage in your kitchen as well. Trash bins and paper towel holders come in handy when you’re entertaining and they can help eliminate unnecessary trips inside.

Where is your outdoor kitchen located?

The location of your kitchen will play important roles in determining size, shape, and number of components the kitchen will likely need. If you’re building a kitchen connected to your house, for example, underneath a patio, you can put less components in the kitchen because you can easily run inside for things. However, if it’s separated from the home, such as out by the pool, it may be more of an inconvenience if you have to make multiple trips indoors to grab food, dishes, etc.

What is your budget?

Think about how much money you are willing to spend. If you’re building a premium quality outdoor kitchen, remember the equipment will often have a lifetime guarantee and the highest quality stainless steel. Outdoor kitchens make for a good investment in your home, and they’re a great selling point if you decide to sell your home.

Do your homework!

We’re here to help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home and family. But we need you to do some homework to help you make the best decisions. Before you get started, take a look at our Outdoor Kitchen Design Survey to answer questions that will help us help you get the outdoor kitchen that works well for you. Check out appliances online or visit your favorite appliance store to see some of the features that might be of interest to you.

With years of hands-on product experience and knowledge, we can offer opinions and advice so you can get the most out of your outdoor area. We need to make sure all the appliances have the necessary mechanical connections, so we need to plan for access to plumbing, electrical, and gas. We need to have the appliances selected to identify the exact needs for each of those. All appliances are not created equal!

While many outdoor kitchen walls are made with concrete blocks covered with a masonry or faux stone veneer, there are more options now to make the outdoor kitchen as luxurious as your indoor kitchen. By combining some of the stone and masonry items with Danver Stainless Outdoor cabinetry, you can have a stunning outdoor living area that will last a lifetime. If you need help with the design or with making selections of appliances, or other features of your Outdoor Kitchen, feel free to email me at Eddie@DistinctiveOutdoorKitchens.com. We can assist you or your remodeler/builder to create the space that fits your lifestyle. Our Distinctive Outdoor Kitchen team is here to help you get an outdoor living area that you will love!

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